Geumchen District Council

Introduction to the Council

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Introduction to the Council

Composition of the Council

  • Council Members : Council members are the representatives of the residents of the municipality elected through popular suffrage, impartial, direct and secret voting by the residents, and is composed with total of 10 members consisting of 2~3 members for each electoral district. The term of office of a council member is 4 years.
  • Council Members : There is one each of Chairman and Vice-chairman, who are elected through secret ballot at the plenary session with terms of office of 2 years. The Chairman performs central role in management and operation of the Council including representation of the municipal Council and taking overall charge of the affairs of the Council. The Vice-chairman acts on behalf of the Chairman in case of absence of the Chairman.
  • Committees : The Committees include the executive committees and special committees. The executive committees may consist of committees on council operations, administrative finance and economy, and welfare and construction depending on the jurisdiction of each division of the executing organization, and special committee is constituted and operated in order to examine specific agendas.
  • Council Secretariat : The Council Secretariat is being operated with Expert Adviser, Protocols team, Deliberations Team and Council Public Relations Team centered-around the secretary general in order for the Council to perform by sufficiently reflecting the opinions of the residents of the municipality.

Council Organization

Council Organization